Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HU quest rules

I thought I better lay some actual rules for my HU play or it will just be madness!

1. Sessions will be 150 hands MAXIMUM
2. A maximum of 4 sessions a day, as I feel after thet I will not be concentrating properly
3. 20 Buy ins to step up (100 BB's)
4. Dropping below 15 Buy-ins will force me to step down
5. 1 table at a time and no sneaky MTT's SNG's at the same time, I must fully concentrate as I want to get really good at this
6. Double my money, I really should leave
7. When I feel like stopping I STOP!
8. Have fun and makes some monies!
The next is a hope/ semi-rule
9. Post a graph and my thoughts after every 2.5k hands ish

I realise at UB you can buy in for 200BB, but I don't think I will, I shall always stick to the 100BB buy in.

Thought I would make a table of values for moving up/down.

Level-----Step up to----------Step Down from
NL 25-----$500----------------$375

I think that is far enough for now :D
The hardest part of this IMO is the begining as I am starting with like 5 buy-ins and it could go wrong all so very fast.
I took a slight hit last night after taking near a buy in off somebody I lost it and my original buy in to someone else. One bonus is that I should be getting rakeback, well when start getting rake reports from the network again, god damnit hurry up!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is coming!

As christmas was coming up I decided I had to scrape all "spare" money together to buy some people some things for christmas, so I made a few withdrawals from poker sites. Normally I wouldn't mind, but its not for me :( I am not really that selfish... honest :D
I had not realised that I had left Ultimate bet untouched with $45 in it, yes its ultimate bet & Absolute now so I am two times as likely to be cheated. But honestly I am only going to be playing small so will it really matter? I am not a fan of UB tourneys because generally the small buy ins are sats or re-buys, and I'm not generally a fan of those. So I decided that I would play cash with my little find, not FR, or 6-max but heads up! Yes on CEREUS the cereal killer of online poker there are NL 10 HU games. I have a massive 4.5 buy-ins behind me what could posibly go wrong. I mean I never really knew the money was there in the first place, FREEROLLLLLLL HOLLA!
Taking a kind of challange approach(but not really as I am not setting any timeframe to this whatsoever) I will obviously just step up to the next level when I have 15 buyins, and back down when I hit 10. These rules may change, I may wish to make the move up number 20 buyins, I was also considering forcing myself to play 10K hands at each level, which isn't actually that much HU IMO so I think it would be a good move.
I should really be playing something silly like 0.1/0.2 HU but I can't see that being a great game. I bet NL 10 will even have its moments. Hopefully I will remember to come on and blog now and again.
The main thing about this is that I don't really know how to play HU cash, so I am going to be learning as I go so any help from my readers would be great. I will probably post hands on some forums and post feedback on here if it is useful so maybe we can all learn something.

So far I have played circa. 400 hands and I am up woohoo! Bankroll currently sitting at $69.89.
I had a look at my Holdem manager and my bb/100 was something crazy like 69, if only it worked out that way all the time. I may come back later with a few hands, but more likely I am going to fire up a table instead. GL

Monday, December 8, 2008

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 843249

Friday, December 5, 2008

Some non-poker ramblings

If you are only here for my sub-par poker performance and review this post sadly isn't for you.
I haven't been playing much poker recently due to other commitments and quite frankly not having the passion to play unfortunately. From a very young age I have always been confident in the fact that I will be successful at something, what that something is, to this day I am unsure. I feel that my people skills are extremely good and that my mood can very much be infectious to those around me, I have used these things to my advantage on numerous occasions. The problem comes is where I am unsure what I can do to take advantage of my natural skills, and deciding what would be the best thing for me personally. Many people have said things to me like "you definitely have the power in yourself to make yourself rich, if you wanted it" Well I want it and I'm not rich, that is for sure! I am never sure what they mean, is it a complement on my being and overall aura or is it an insult at my laziness/procrastination? At the current moment in time I am happy studying Civil Engineering and can half see a career in it, but will it make the most of my assets or give me the financial satisfaction I could attain elsewhere? Obviously I am still at an age where my next career may not be my last, in fact its rather unlikely that it is.

I am most definitely not the type of person that believes that money = happiness, but having money definitely helps life run more smoothly. In life I would like to be able to do what I like not have money as a restriction, I am sure many others are of the same thinking, and most will never achieve it. I don't want to be part of that group, I was never one of the many, but a leader of the few. There are things I would like to do, things that everyone dreams of, like being a high stakes poker player funding my life off the next poker bozo that comes along, or be a pop star, I have a good voice and I am able to entertain people singing, but I feel getting a record deal is a step to far.

I recently have decided to cut out shit things in my life that I can go without, lets be honest life is hard enough these days without outside situations/people making more shit. I have basiclly decided to cut a person in my family out of my life because I felt some extra shit previously and at the centre of it was this person. Many people are saying I should talk to them again, forgive and forget you are family etc. Am I wrong to not want bad influences/energy in my life, no matter who the person is?

Thanks for reading, the comments feature is there, please use it :)