Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So close yet so far

I played in The Hendon mobs tournament at PKR last night, it was basically a freeroll, you had to buy in with $5 and them after your tournament you get the balance refunded. I have no money on PKR so I played in the place of Zebediah, who couldn't make it. I had great fun, the structure was a bit quick for my liking, but hey who complains at a $5 tourny structure! There were 29 runners in the game, I was feeling everyone out in the first few minutes, then I was disconnected(argh, bloody sky broadband!) for 10 minutes! I had lost a couple hundred chips. Everyone seemed to be playing tighter than a camels bum in a sandstorm, the only way I could really pick up chips was by getting in first for the blinds, so I did that. I made it to the final table with average chips, which was only about 15 times the BB. Again I had to steal the blinds to stay afloat, then I was presented with a few big hands and it seemed we were on the bubble in a flash, and I was fairly comfortable so i decided to sit back and wait for hands, which i got. I entered the heads up like a 3/1 chip lead over DaMatrix, but from then on the stacks were up and down like a brides nighty (thank Vicky C for that one!) And true to my heads up form I lost. No disrespect intended to DaMatrix, but with my chiplead, I really should have finished the job. Gutted I didn't finish the job but pleased I got there.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Start your own

Here is a link to wingows where you can get $5 free to start a "Jesus Challange"

Once you sign up please start a thread on UKPL in the personal challange section to let us know how you are all doing!

Good Luck!

Monday, May 7, 2007

A new day, a new challange!

I have decided to give a Jesus Challange another go, this time not on "Jokerstars" but with Wingows poker, mainly because you get $5 free as a sign up bonus, but also because they do 25c SNG's! These games are extreemly easy and I should be able to boost my bankroll rather quickly. It started off with a win and a 2nd, then for some reason I thought calling All ins on the first hand was a good idea(twice!) To be fair, I did have AQ suited and JJ, both times ended in a last place finish. The second blip was when I had sub conciously decided to try and baninize at every chance I got for a screenshot ( This infact cost me 3 or maby four sit and gos, but did get my screenshot!

If you take into consideration the six buyins or so I (stupidly) lost I think my finishing balance last night was rather good($6.46) Anyway Im back at the tables again!

I have a thread on UKPP/L for my challange...

Get over there!

Also try a Jesus Challange!