Sunday, July 12, 2009

Money making

Poker is a game in which random Timmy Mallets can win thousands or even millions of dollars, it's a game for dreamers. If you have played any amount of poker and tell me that you haven't thought of winning that one poker tournament that changes your life by injecting millions of dollars into your life, I wouldn't believe you. Even though I play micro cash and small tournaments, I still honestly believe that I can win the WSOP main event and become Poker's next big thing. I think this is one of the things that keeps me playing poker, the chance of making it big. However if I am honest I don't give myself the chance, there must be something wrong with me. The WSOP main event is happening right now, and I never even gave myself a proper chance of qualifying. Why would some one dream of winning that big score, and then not follow through on my dream? It is one of my big flaws, I am sure I am not the only one. In my life I have slipped into being a thinker instead of a do-er. I would really suggest you don't do that. When you see that satellite, enter it, whether it be for an EPT, WPT or that online big Sunday poker tournament! You may just surprise yourself and win, that is of course part of the reason we play! I know I will be playing more satellites and trying to attain my dreams, really doing it!

Now you have taken the plunge, what do you do, you are reaching out of your comfort zone, well great! If you don't push yourself your Poker skills will stagnate and you will revert to being a poor player. It has happened to me on numerous occasions. "Clicketty, click, click" The same monotonous beat and bets. My advice to you would be just relax, play your game, but actually pay attention to everything going on, you may not win this time, but make sure you learn from your experience. Many poker players, better than you and I will have paid for their Poker education, and most likely a lot more money than a few satellite entry fees. This is one of the main reasons why the game is so accessible to people. Previous WSOP ME winners have qualified for $20 odd, and won millions! i think the way to look at it is "someone has to win it, that someone should be me!" There are THOUSANDS of online Poker satellites so get on and go for it! Next time you are watching the EPT, do not sit there and think "Oh, I could do that better than him!" Actually go and prove it!

Good luck guys!