Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am an eejit

I did a very stupid thing, one thing I said I wouldn't do. I logged on to Ultimate bet while drunk, and threw away 2 buy in's. Not as large as it could have been, but I have been disappointed with myself and I had banned myself from playing, I am just about to play. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First of 2009

Well, Happy new year people! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New year, I certainly did. I obviously haven't been updating the blog, but this time I actually haven't played any poker either, been busy with festive things and such like. Other news I am going to play snooker for the first time in a few years, looking forward to it as I am playing a mate I haven't seen in a while, should be good, if not to embarrassing on the snooker front :D

Well i have played my first session of 2009, well 20 hands. The player was hugely over aggressive and paid the price. Double up
He then re-loaded for $20, played one $1 odd pot, which I won, then he left. He is definitely added to my buddy list!
Not much to report just thought I would let ALL of my avid readers, which I am sure there are many, that I am still alive :D

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P.S Before the xmas period I played in one of the $5.50 GGE games with Annie Duke playing, unfortunatly nothing happened. I went to the bathroom, as I was finishing up this conversation occoured...
Girlfriend: You have a hand in the poker babe!
Me: What is it?
G/f: a Jack and a ten
Me: What colour? (Easier than what suit to her)
-Short pause-
I came through from the bathroom.
Me: what suit is it?
I looked at the PC and she had thought I had told her to call when I said colour. So she had dumped most of my chips in a raised pot with JTo. Was pretty much the end of me. Think I will sit out next time I need a whizz!