Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I'm up to

Well not much at the moment, I keep attempting to get into it and failing, but hopefully the leatherass book has given me some ideas that will help push me. I am going to concentrate on NL FR cash, I was going to only play that, but I think I would miss tourneys, so I will allow myself some tourneys, mainly if they are included in some sort of league, I had read about the 2+2 pokercast league which is affordable buy-ins, think it's pretty short and congested timetable though. I heard the next one starts in February, hopefully they run often, will change my pace.
I have set myself a couple goals, not too hard, although one is something that will take a lot of getting used to, but it should be a part of everyones game, but I'm glad it isn't.

  • Play 6,000 hands on NL FR cash by Feb 1st '11 (started today)
  • Do a written review after every session(I will do it in my notebook, I may put some stuff up on here)
That's all at the moment, told you it was simple! Getting myself to do the review will be rewarding if I stick to it, and do it properly! Just a quick mention on the update on FT(don't know how new it is) I love how you can sit out next BB at all tables at the click of one button now, the best, yet a simple addition IMO. Anyway, off to start my review of my first session 2011, wish me luck, it wasn't the best session, hopefully that means its a learning session!

Happy fishing.

Treat your poker like a business

I saw this title and the book instantly appealed to me, it is something everyone should do, and I expect many would like to. The author of the book obviously has an excellent pedigree, grinding a living out of poker for over 6 years, during 2007 he achieved Pokerstars elusive Supernova Elite status.
This book will probably mention things that many of you will already know, but still need to do or take heed, from personal experience anyway. It is split into two main sections, treat your poker like a business and strategy, the former being packed with short sharp chapters on almost any topic you would expect to crop up on your poker business radar. The topics range from the poker rooms chat box to multi-tabling even to a small section on dealing with taxes. There are two guest writers in the book, Jared Tendler adds some insight into the psychology of becoming a poker pro and Dusty's wife writes a chapter about maintaining a relationship with a pro poker player. The strategy section is clearly based on higher stakes than I would be currently playing but basically outlines some very common mistakes and gives a line or two for common situations that will pop up time and time again during a grind.
Overall I would recommend this book, it does come with a fairly high price tag, as most poker books do, but if your poker is stuck in some kind of rut, this book could give you a helping hand into seeing why. Must take heed of the information!
I believe the sequel to this is out sometime in 2011, I will be keeping an eye out.

Anyway I haven't done much poker recently, just read this and thought I would write a tiny bit about it.