Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have been floundering around looking for some, there are probably thousands of poker inspiration stories. One of my poker friends, one which I used to spend a lot of time sweating playing games with has recently done very well for himself. Pizzicato, used to play the micro stake games with me, donking around, at least as much as I did, he then decided to get a bit more serious about it. While he was getting serious, I kind of lost interest in the game, various reasons really, anyway he put in A LOT of hours. To give you an example of just how many hours he put in I will tell you how many $2.20 turbo 180-man games he played on Pokerstars, a whopping 9,000. I am sorry, but anyone that plays as many of those games, in the time that he did it deserves all the success they get. I think after 70 of those I would pull my hair out! Whether that says more about me or him, I am unsure. Anyway, Pizzi is now mainly playing MTT's and boy is he playing them, he just finished 51st in the Sunday Million on Sunday, well Monday for us. On the previous Thursday he also took down the Stars daily 90k, there were various other great results recently which I cannot remember. But I wanted to say well done Pizzicato, and long may it continue!

Anyway, recently I have been playing a bit of casual NL10, not really caring either way how I do. But the recent happenings above had made me really want to get up that poker ladder, so the first thing I have done is stepped down to NL5 FR and vowed to play 10k hands, and see where it gets me. With proper session reviews and everything!

Thats all I have to say for now, catch y'all later!

P.S Hope you like the banner, I was just toying so I made a quick one, not sure I like the idea yet. May have to look into changing the whole template and editing it etc. instead.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little spraff

What's going on?
Well, I have started playing some NLHE cash again, its quite fun, but I had a small blow-out, just one buy-in, but I REALLY hate when these happen. I would like to understand why, my first guess would be boredom, not but I didn't think I was at the time. But I think I wanted to create some action, for no apparent reason I wanted to be Billy big Ballocks and make someone else fold.
There have been many famous blow outs, I think the most famous one I know of is Andy Black at the WSOP, in 1997 I think, it led him to become a buddhist. Strange move, but I imagine I would need some shocking change after that experience, especially gauging how annoyed I get when I throw away a couple bucks! I have been playing on pokeridol, a new site on the ongame network it has been pretty fun, they have some good promotions, check out by clicking the banner above.

On another point, I have started reading the naked trader, book about trading on the markets, something I have always been interested in. At the start of the book, there is a section about mindset, and a lot of it is very similar to the mindset conducive to good poker. Anyway, if you are interested, here is a link to the book on amazon.