Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Learning experiences

I started a $5 Sng on Tonys on Monday night with a fellow UKPI'er, I played a pretty simple game I never moved much above the starting stack the whole game. I had played and won a few little pots which kept me alive, I had made it to the money and I seemed to be catching cards and switched up through the gears. The heads up began with me having a 3:1 chip lead, which unfortunatly I threw away to finish second.

Part of the reason I was playing little hands in the SNG was because I was also playing an PL Omaha cash game also against my fellow UKPI'ers as well as a few randoms. The game was fairly enjoyable, even though my play wasn't the best. Losing two buy-ins in any game is not good but the banter was good, and I enjoy trying to learn Omaha.

Sifting through the cash tables on the few sites I play on, there werent any that were looking good at all, except there was one 25/50 cent table on Tony G Poker that looked Very Juicy, almost a full ring with 70% of players seeing the flop. I decided to observe the table, and there were 4 players that I have seen play at lower limits, which I have noted as loose and rubbish. After 10 minutes of watching the table I had decided to Buy-in, that isn't something I Would do normally, but considering the players at the table i felt I had too. I sat down and again played a tight game waiting for hands, which in time came. The hour and a half at the table was good, had been up and down, I felt I had held my own at the table. Most important of all I had left the table with $20 odd more than I had sat down with. The first thing I am going to say, is I am most definatly not moving up the levels to 25/50 cent, and I would strongly advice people against doing so untill they have a big enough bankroll to do so. Also I have to add that the game was a good experience for me, hopefully will improve my game at the lower levels.

A few of you may notice I have added pictures on the left hand side of the blog, just thought I would make it look better.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

After A break

After having a break from poker, due to being in Benidorm, among other things I feel that I should try new things. The greatest thing about having a break is when you get back to poker you have a new found excitement for the game, which definatly helps if you lose. You get that mentality back that we all had when we were younger that nothing matters except that we get what we want.

With poker there are so many different ways to experiment, especially online. You could change your style of play, the game, the limit, but I have decided to experiment a little with buy-ins. Obviously I am not going to jump to $50 games, that would just be throwing money away. I have so far played two SNG's at a higher level one $5(6 players), which I won, and an $8(20 players) game which I cashed in also. With the different runners in each I am experimenting with that as well, although that was not deliberate, both games seemed pretty much the same level. I have found that a simple poker is all you need to play, just don't do anything "stupid" That was one of the things that I wanted too know as how high up the limits will "simple" poker win. Anyway I'm off back to the tables to try and get some more wins!

As you can imagine I haven't played poker a lot recently, and not at all played on tony's much at all, although I played a speed $3 today with 18 runners. I was chip lead with 7 players left when my Kings ran into Aces, you cant really do much. I was 1 of three players seriously short when we were on the bubble, fortunatly one of the big stacks took 3 players out in one go with two pair. I went on to finish third.

Balance: $122.41