Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Looking at January and towards February

Well, I have been playing some poker and hitting my goals, sort of. I haven't done a written review directly after every session as I have been playing a lot of shorter sessions, so I save them up and do a bulk review. Basically I started off at 5NL with ~$70, unfortunately lost a few buy-in's and decided, grudgingly to step down to NL2. I  will say I felt unlucky to lose at NL5, I did take a few beats, but I also thought I made a few incorrect decisions that walked be down the road to taking the sore one. After I stepped down I felt a little resentment towards the stakes, never really having played NL2 for any length of time before. However, after a few thousand hands I 100% believe I made the right (no matter how tough) choice.
Well, I guess I should post a graph of my hands in January 2011

Basically what you are seeing is me getting myself into tough spots, throwing away money, then I literally win almost every day at NL2. The trough is really when I stepped down, so looking at the graph, the correct decision was made. I have almost scraped back all my losses from the month, not looking to move back up yet, I'll see what happens. Anyway, wanted to post this up the now so I can get my Feb goals in, I may post a more in-depth look at my play using my notes etc. at some point... but don't hold your breath!

In February I will set a couple poker goals, but also I am going to add personal ones too:

  1. Play 7k hands NL FR
  2. Continue to review sessions, with written notes and summaries
  3. Spend at least half an hour reading articles, posting hands, taking part in discussions to improve my game.
Now for the personal side, I want to fight off some flab, to be precise, I want to lose a stone in the month of February. This may seem extreme, but I do weigh *runs and jumps on scales, although not too hard* 19 st 8lb, at 6'1 I have a chunk to lose. I don't want to give the impression that I am a lump of marshmallow, I do have a strong base from previous sporting days, but, how shall I say this, added padding to my core. In the past, I have lost this amount of weight, in fact, it was pretty simple, it was keeping it off that I found difficult.
Right now I am at a stage where I want to improve my health for my life, but I also it will have a positive effect on my poker, I hope, so I shall include it here... Until I fail and become 99% fat. The plan will be as simple as eat less junk + more exercise= healthier me! Simple exercise like walking works a treat, but I hope to be playing footy again soon, as well as doing some weight training when I get the space cleared!