Friday, October 26, 2007

Regulation not prohibition

I think it's time the UK Government stepped in and helped out the online poker industry. The Absolute poker fiasco was a big bombshell to drop on the whole community, if you don't know what I mean read here (UKPL) I obviously wouldn't be one necessarily in favour of the taxation of poker winnings, but if it stops the online game from becoming completely corrupt then I would opt in. All in all I would say the large majority of online players are not cheats, even though with the piles of chips in front of them it looks like it, this sort of thing enrages me to be honest. I play for fun and to try and pick up a little bit of money, being a student it always helps, but imagine if you relied on your poker winnings and some *insert appropriate word here* was using his "account 363" to take away my livelihood I would be extremely annoyed. Less than a couple weeks after the absolute poker scandal, Betfair have sent emails telling certain users that they have lost money to a cheat and will be refunded the total am mounts, however details of this scandal have been kept under wraps "due to legal reasons" In other words, they would be embarrassed if the truth were to come out in my opinion. The UK government will most definitely need to have some sort of discussions on the matter, I can only hope they decide to go with the side of regulation, rather than the seemingly insane step of the American government to fully ban online poker.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yes, my blog is suffering severely from it, but so has my poker for the past month or so. This has purely been down to the fact that I have been busy with other things in my life, starting University for instance (BSC Civil Engineering, just for those who are slightly interested, and it's going well :D) The little bit of poker I have played is on gutshot where I started with my $1.50 I won from everyone's a winner( A piss-poor performance in the Sunday game prevented me from winning anymore) I have managed to build up to just above $20 with a mixture of a small MTT cash and Turbo(have stayed away from super turbo) 5-seater SNG's, mainly down to my time constraints. Even though the way the cards fall in these play a MASSIVE part I'm pretty sure if you pick your spots and play pretty much push/fold strategy you can make a small profit, and profit is what this game is about. I wouldn't call this a Jesus challenge because I have definitely not been sticking to any sort of bankroll management, nor have I set any goals. It would just be nice to build a little bankroll for myself and have the satisfaction of watching it grow. I have also been trying to get out and play some live poker but things keep popping up, like manflu, I really wanted to play but I knew if I played and made some silly mistake due to my ill state of mind I would have really been annoyed at myself. Still not figured out if my inability to accept mediocrity in myself is a flaw or not. Oh well, onwards and upwards, hope to be on the felt soon.

P.S the manflu is fading away