Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adams on Stars

I was listening to the Pokernews Podcast from the WSOP, the one from Tuesday 14th June and they were interviewing Brandon Adams. The interview started out fairly standard, talking about him getting pumped at tennis by PA and usual poker chat. The Black Friday issue obviously came up, Adams made a few good points about how Full Tilt have acted in good faith previously and had never lurched on any responsibility financial or otherwise. He continued talking about how FT had given back to the poker community, through sponsorships etc. Which is all well and good. The interview then took a slightly different turn and he lay into Pokerstars, for raking the life out of the game and barely giving back. In a way he does have a point, FT did give back a little more, sponsor about 5000000000000... players(OK I exaggerate, but that list of red pros is huge) where Stars only handed out sort of marquee signings that will help their business. On one hand I can see his point, but is the tight-Scotsman character Adams painted Stars as the thing that has allowed them to cash-out US-players then I think they have played it correctly.(Despite me missing RB at the micros)

If there is a choice between FTP silence or Brandon Adams raging over a competitor, then I think we should be looking for silence.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Full Tilt, I'm out

I'm out!

After the Ivey incident I really couldn't bring myself to play on FTP any more, I would have hated it if I had become good at poker, grinded up a bit of a roll to find I couldn't get my grubby mits on it. I cashed out just over 48-hours ago, my withdrawal still hasn't been approved, so I may not even see the small amount of cash I did have on FTP. If I do see it, I will add it to the money I have on stars and play there for the foreseeable future. Earlier on today I thought the sky was falling in on that as well as it had been rumoured that stars were pulling out of the Ausie market at the beginning of August. Obviously this wouldn't have affected me directly but after the poker market losing the American money, the last thing that was required was another country to pull out, and a fairly big one at that. As it turned out the rumours, were just that, thankfully!

I have only played one small session on stars, was nice to be back on there, will still take a while to get used to it again I think. My volume has dropped due to being a bit ill, however I hope I am passed that and I can pick up where I left off. IF I get my FTP money back, and move it onto stars, I will be rolled to play NL5, but I am going to make sure I have played 30k hands of NL2 first, which is another 6k hands. Two reasons for this, firstly it will get me back into the swing of stars, secondly, I hope to at least maintain, if not improve my winrate of 5.9 bb/100 over the 24k hands.

Good luck