Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yes again, I haven't updated in a while. Well anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty! I have been playing NL10 (6-max) on stars with some success, with over 6k hands I was running at over 7 bb/100 hands. But then I went on a 5+buy-in downswing, which doesn't sound like much but Fu*k me it hurts. Its not the monetary value I just hate losing to be honest. I am 99% sure some of it could have been prevented but I did have a few runner runner pots lost, which put me on tilt, the shame! So now my 7.5k+ sample (ok its small) is running over 3BB/100 hands, which just sucks. I also made a small move onto Full tilt to eventually try the software and get some rake back, I wasn't successful or unsuccessful, has been uneventful. I think I will move back to SNG's for a couple days just to steady myself again, I'm not sure about anyone else but I find in SNG's there are a lot more clear cut decisions and easier decisions than on the ring games. I want to get 30k hands logged in my PokerTracker so I really need to keep my cool. I will happily play the 30k all at NL10, but if I make enough money I will probably move up. So far in my PT I have noticed that I play more than anywhere else, in middle position, I think I can justify some of that by wanting to be first to act(i.e first to bet wins) I also discovered I am a losing player from the button, not quite sure why as yet, but I will be investigating!

Check the downswing! Definatly needing rectified ASAP!

Not much else to note, I did play my first Cards chat game on stars which I came 2nd in, which is obviously nice. In the past month I also came third in a HORSE MTT on stars, I only decided to play because I have really got into Razz and the low SNGs aren't very play friendly! When I get my bankroll a little more swollen I will definatly be hitting the Razz Cash!