Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Game

Well since we last spoke I had recived my $100 on pokerstars and played away happily, for a week or so at least, then a combination of varience and bad decision making has blown some money.
So I have decided to change my game for a bit and play 6-max NLHE cash, pretty much exclusivly. So far it has been good, which surprised me a little as I play pretty a tight solid game and didnt think that would be suited to Short handed. Although I have seemed to naturally loosen up, which is annoying in one respect, as I cant seem to loosen myself up when I want to. Its only micro stakes, so no great profits (but theres the word I like profit) I am enjoying my poker again, which is great because I was losing interest for no apparent reason.
The reason I said that I would play short handed cash "almost exclusivly" is that obviously if I fancy a tournament I will give it a go. Also if I get offered to play in tournaments for other people, like tonight for instance, I played the $100k guarenteed tournament on Mansion for Zebediah again. Well first of all I wasnt extremly impressed with the softwear, although the sounds are good(same as old Tony G site, brought back good memorys!) The tournament is a $100 buy in, although after about 1 hour and 30 minutes it becomes a little crapshooty. I know the tournaments have to end at some point, but I would have expected a little more play for my money. I have to be honest I made a rather large mistake calling a shortish all in with an up and down straight draw, but that was my only mistake, I think... I never really saw any hands, I had AK once which I doubled up with, and AA once which I managed to sweep up the blinds with. Anyway basically with the blinds at 100/200 I had T9suited in the BB and a big stack who had been raising more often than something that happens a lot, raised from middle position, so I pushed, and he turned over KT off. What can you do, I was out in 243rd out of 518. Not great, but not bad for my first attempt at a $100 tourny. There were a few things I didn't expect to see though, for instance an all-in push (4.5k chips) with only 350 in the pot. Im not saying that bad play gets irradicated at this level but I wouldn't expect strange plays like that.
Anyway I moved back to the cash tables, erase the disappointment of the tournament. I have been doing well, finishing up in the majority of sessions. I am enjoying short handed, so definatly going to stick at it.

On another note, I have added a link to Paul Sandells go and have a look!