Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hutch the Bounty Hunter

Today I continued my challange on Tony G Poker, I was doing okay in the tournys just seemed to get knocked out on outdraws, still have a good record in the speed $3, I have cashed in 3 out of 6. Also in one of the tournys I failed to cash I managed to knock out GNOBY who had a $25 bounty on his head, okay i'll be honest, I got a little lucky and outdrew him, but a winners a winner. I have decided to stay away from ring games, they are the reason I have not kept my balance above $100, its a shame really.

Balance: $96.20

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Challange Update

I havent been able to play much, I was down a few dollars the other day from the cash games so I stopped playing.

Today has been a game of two halves. i sat down at the 0.05/0.10 cash game with $5, lost it within fifteen minutes. to be fair I don't think I did too much wrong, probably a few too many loose preflop calls which got me into trouble. Instead of re-buying I decided to try my hand in some tournys. Firstly i sat down in the $3 Speed tournament with 5 players, wasn't a big one but i managed to win it for $10.50. I played pretty simple poker, the main moment was when i had caught the nut flush against my opponents straight, I took most of his chips and never looked back.

I then decided to chance my arm at the $2.50 $50 Guarenteed tourny(16 runners). I had been chip lead for most of the tournament, got down to the bubble plus one. I then stupidly threw away chips on a reverse of earlier(Straight Vs. Flush) I guess its got to happen. At this point I was really nervous about bubbling, I managed to coast past the bubble but was short stacked. I was dealt QQ and raised 4 times the big blind and the other short stack pushed all in so i called. He turned over AQ and then proceded to catch the straight, not the nicest way to go out but i picked up $10, still cant help but think it could/should have been $25.

The most recent tournament I played was a $1 HU with a compatriot from Chewymoose, was a good heads up comp, very backwards and forward. if im being honest I got lucky a couple times and managed to pick up the win.

I may take part in the $3 speed tourny coming up, hopefully CM doesnt get his revenge

Current balance: $82.11

Monday, November 20, 2006

My current challange

I have been given $50 to play on Tony G's poker site, so I have decided to try and improve my non existant cash game skills. I have been playing 0.05/0.10 NL Hold'em tables. The first couple sessions I was throwing a way money and then scraping it back again. I am currently sitting with $79.56, which doesnt seem to bad. I am somewhat conscious of what levels I am playing at, especially when to move up a level. The figure that comes to mind is $150, i might give 0.10/0.25 tables a go then.

Takesport Freeroll

The $1500 Takesport freeroll on PNL was my main game for Monday, and too be honest I wasn't really expecting to cash, which maybe had me beat. I was playing a pretty tight game, was comfortable for the most part. In the early stages I was dealt rockets, only managed to pick up 250 chips or so, which wasn't great. I probably only played five hands in total. The Blinds were at 75/150(and were about to be raised) I had around 1800, which equates to around 12 big blinds, was dealt 1010 in the BB, the action was folded round to small blind who had been playing a lot of hands, he raised around 3 X the BB, so I pushed all-in, expecting a fold. The player turned over 22 so I was a 82% favorite to win the hand, and nothing came on the flop, and yes the next card brought a 2, last card never brought my 10. That was me out in 191st place. My initial goal was to survive the hour to the break, I had missed that by a matter of minutes. It was a freeroll so I never lost anything, but I felt I had gained a little kick in the teeth.

I was also playing in a 5cent 10 cent cash game on Tony G poker, I had thrown away my chips(mostlikely because of the way I had exited the tourny a short while before hand) I was down to 20 cents, looked rather desperate. I was amazed, within 45 minutes I had built that 20 cents up to over $11. Yes, I know its not really dizzy heights , but I am builoding my bankroll as well as learning how to play cash games. And lets be honest from 20 cents to $11 is some jump considering.

Tonight brings another freeroll for me the $150 Ukpokerinfo Freeroll, not as much money in this one, but it is one tourny I definatly want to win!