Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The bugger is back

I haven't played much poker at all for a long time now, I'm not sure why, a number of reasons I guess. The main ones were probably just the fact I had completely lost interested in the game, not even wanting to read Pokerplayer mag, which I used to rip open as soon as it came through my door. Also the fact that the small stakes wins just weren't rewarding enough.

So now I want to get back into the game again, so I have decided to go back to my poker beginnings, 9-handed SNG's. I am just going to play a bundle(not sure how many yet)of $5 SNG's on Stars and FT. I am also interested to see how the two sites compare, as stars have longer levels, but FT have more levels stuck in there. The issue of no rake back on Stars is an issue as I am unsure how much I can gain from their benefit program only getting 3 FPP a game. I will, in the main be playing 2 games at a time which I hope will keep me busy but also allow me to get a little thinking time and get to know the players.

Well I have played 8 so far, with a small profit, bubbling 3 with 3 ITM finishes also, nothing to write home about. I will make an update when I have a slightly larger amount of games.