Monday, December 24, 2007


No updates for a while since I have been busay with uni as well as the obligitory christmas gash you have to do, so here goes.
Well I played that £30 game at circus whatever date it was, was a good day out, met a couple people from THMF, including Rob who was a godsend in a self-deal tourny! The very first hand I looked down at TT in middle position I raised to four times the big blind and recieved one caller from late position. The flop came KxT (excuse me for being vague on details it was a while ago) I checked-raised a fair chunk on the flop and was called, the turn brought a K to complete my full house, I think it went check check, and then the Ace on the river where I bet out and was re-raised all in and insta-called(I couldnt have really folded, so unsure why he re-raised). anyway I took that pot down and that was it for me on the winning front tbh. I had AQ and made a straight and got the guy all-in too, he turned over AQ. Later on I was dealt QQ and managed to raise enough to get the short-stack to push, he turned over QQ also. I think on another day I would have been at the final table with a cigar in my mouth (despite the fact I don't smoke)
Online I have decided to test my ability to stick to propper bankroll management and I am starting on 2c/5c PL Holdem 6max. I have made a few wanders up cash tables before but always under rolled and thats when varience comes and bites you on the testicles. I am sticking to 20-max buy-ins to play a level, and 30 to two-table it, hopefully these will stop me from losing all my cash! I have been up down and all around, but currently I am up, which is a bonus. I am going to be making a few videos and shoving them on pokertube, nothing too serious of course, more just to entertain and hopefully I can look back on them when I am sitting on $200/400 tables!
My username is hutchylad on there, but here is a link to one vid I have already made, enjoy!

Also I hope everyone has a great Christmas and An even better new year!

Monday, December 3, 2007

MTT Final table

Well I haven't played much poker at all, but I did play a $5 MTT last night, im sure you have guessed I Final tabled which is always nice. I had played pretty well all night tbh got unlucky, but I got REALLY lucky once as well. Not long after the bubble had burst, there was a small EP raise and a call from two loosey goosey short-medium stackers, for some strange reason I re-raised them all-in with Tens, my thinking at the time was I can either take it down or isolate. They BOTH called and turned over AA and QQ, so I was in for halfish my stack with roughly a 16% chance to win, thankfully I was smiled upon and granted a ten on the flop, sick but it was nice. At the final table I was up and down like a yo-yo with the high blinds and being outdrawn by short stack allins. I eventually went out in 7th for $64, pleased I made it but still disappointed it never went further. I am unsure of my play that chucked me out, I had roughly 12 BB's and with antes my M was pretty low, so I had decided to push in a position. I was on the button it was folded round to me with 78off (yes, I instantly thought Baninize, which probably didn't help) so I pushed my stack in only to get called by the Big blind with AQ. I hit a 7 on the flop, but unfortunately there was a Queen as well, and thats all she wrote. The play has been annoying me, but I am pretty sure it was right to do, because how often will the blinds have anything? I also picked up a small cash in the $3 $1.5K Guaranteed as well, which was 6-max so I was even more pleased with that. However this time I don't think my exit was my fault at all. An extremely loose aggressive Lithuanian (Not that this had anything to do with it, just at the time I wondered if he was a hearts FC fan) had raised UTG his standard 4 times the BB, I re raised all in for roughly 18 BB's from SB with AQ suited and he insta-called and showed A5, YES! The flop came 233, I was nervous now, and rightfully so because a 4 came on the turn and I was dead. But as I say I cashed, which was really good as I never seem to do as well in shorthanded MTT's or even when you are down to the last two tables waiting for one or two to get knocked out for the final, hopefully I have fixed or at least part-fixed my errors.
Well I hope to be playing the £30 freeze on Saturday at circus in Edinburgh, come along if you can. I think if I play the way I have been I am looking good for a result.