Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, I promised one, so here it is. I had been taking an un-planned break from poker, but this month I dived right back in, been playing quite a bit, was tough going at the start, but I turned it round.


Basically when I hit that recent down turn I realised a few things:

  • I was playing on auto-pilot, and poorly at that!
  • I definitely wasn't being positionally aware
  • I was spewtarding far too often with weak-ish hands, I still am, just not as much
  • I was playing too tight (I always kind of knew that, but felt I could still win)
I haven't just come to these conclusions myself, I have actually been reading a lot of stuff on 2+2, had been a member for ages but never really took notice of the site due to the bad reputation of the forum regs. I think you have to realise that there will be dicks everywhere, and there are A LOT of posters on 2+2 so obviously that will include aforementioned phallic members. There is a huge amount of great info there, you just have to go find it, and of course use it. So if you are like I was, just get on 2+2 and give it a try! Oh and definitely listen to the pokercast, I have been listening for a while now and I enjoy it every week.

Now obviously I haven't mentioned Black Friday, and I'm not really going to, there are plenty of other sources out there to get proper BF info. I will say that at the moment, I am still playing on FTP, but I am actually a little nervous about losing my small bankroll, I was close to moving completely over to Stars, but I think I'd miss rakeback. I have been thinking about this for a while and I'm still on FTP, but there has always been a niggling little doubt in my mind. I may even try somewhere other than stars, so I can get rakeback, but traffic is always an issue for me and stars wins hands down. One more thing on BF, FUCK YOU, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES!